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With a fishtail braid, it’s important to at all times seize the part that’s on the farthest facet, and pull that part all the way in which over to get the scaly look. Then, grab the farthest left chunk of hair and pull it all the way over to the suitable. Go back to the appropriate facet and pull the farthest part over to the left and continue alternating left and proper sections until you attain the top of your hair.
Collect the braid to at least one side of your head, and secure it with a rubber band.
Next, gently unfold the braid apart to make it wider. Pull both sides of the braid out on each sides.
Lastly, roll the braid onto itself and pin it at its base to create a chignon. Safe the roll with additional pins, and end by spraying with BlowPro Blow Out Spray for texture and robust hold.

What's Pre Bonded Hair Extensions?
When contemplating what sort of hair extensions you'll have fitted, one hurdle that many discover they arrive up towards is all of the business terminology that can be confusing and make searching for the precise hair extension technique a tough process. Here we shall take a look at the terms u tip/nail tip/pre bonded hair extensions to assist perceive in larger detail what this implies, to make choosing your hair extensions a much simpler process.
A u tip/nail tip/pre bonded hair extension - WikiHow is a kind of hair extension that's utilized to the hair by heating up the keratin tip that is discovered at the top of the extension, to attach it to your natural hair.  Utilizing keratin as a type of hair extension application has been round for many years, and is a highly regarded methodology of fitting.
The terms u tip/nail tip/pre bonded hair extension are sometimes used to describe the same factor, which might often be quite confusing.  In regards to the time period u tip and nail tip, this does in fact consult with the identical factor, and is simply a method of describing the form of the keratin at the end of each strand.  The keratin is shaped in a "u" or "nail" type form to make it quick and easy to melt against the hair to kind a tight sealed bond.  Any such fitting can sometimes even be known as "flat tip" or "v tip", which once more is the very same sort of fitting, yet because the names suggest is just a unique formed tip.  The one exception to this rule from the terminology listed above is "pre bonded".
The term pre bonded is often used to describe a nail/u tip kind fitting, and is closely related to this type of hair extension.  What can result in confusion nevertheless is that the time period pre bonded really refers to every strand having been created individually, somewhat than being offered as free hair, and technically the time period pre bonded may very well be used to not only describe u tip/nail tip/pre bonded hair extensions, but additionally stick tip hair extensions and Nano tip hair extensions, as these are also "pre bonded" as an alternative of being bought as loose hair.  It is for that reason that if a shopper asks you for "pre bonded" hair extensions, it can be crucial that you simply make sure you make clear the precise type of hair extensions your shopper is referring to, as although 90% of the time one can find your shopper is referring to u tip/nail tip/pre bonded hair extensions, on the odd occasion they may actually be describing one other methodology.
The reason for this is pretty merely.  As keratin based hair extensions are one of many oldest strategies of hair extension software, it was the first to have a redesign and have a pre bonded tip as an alternative of being sold as free hair with a glue gun, therefore it has simply been round longer and has extra affiliation with the time period "pre bonded".  Secondary methods akin to stick tip and Nano tip had been created some years later to offer a no heat utility methodology.

How To make use of Ponytail Extensions
Decide on a ponytail extensions from the duration you want, guaranteeing that color and structure rigorously suit your very personal locks.
Hair comb or clean the hair completely. Accumulate hair along with an flexible hair band. Tuck the ends of your hair into the elastic band, forming both a small loop or a bun, if your hair is mid-length or longer.
Use gel or apply to regulate wispy "flyaways" or quicker locks near your facial pores and skin or nape that might get away the stretchy.
Remove the ponytail extension by reviewing the wrapping and determine the clips inside of (and also the drawstring, if provided). Place the ponytail in order that a single clip or hair comb connection is beforehand mentioned, and also the opposite is below, the versatile that keeps your very personal locks set up.
Lightly press the hair comb accessories into position right behind the flexible hair band that keeps the hair. Pull the drawstring till the ponytail extension cinches snugly in opposition to your head if a drawstring is connected. Slip the tiny plastic-kind "traction" within the drawstring lower to your head and tuck the string inside of the bottom of the ponytail by where it won’t be noticed.
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